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Effects of emotional child abuse.

Emotionally abused kidUsually, children can exhibit the signs below. Love, care, support and attention given to children can affect affect them positively at infancy, through adolescence, and into adulthood.

One study using ACE data found that roughly 54% of cases of depression and 58% of suicide attempts in women were connected to adverse childhood experiences
(Felitti & Anda, 2009)
— Child Wellfare Information Gateway

This means that the opposite (abuse) will harm them as they grown and continual abuse can have catastrophic consequences for the victim in adulthood. This is because:

child abuse bulletA child living in continuous fear and sorrow cannot eat well to grow well. They will be vulnerable to diseases and health complications.

child abuse bulletEmotional abuse can hold back a child’s mental development. Their intelligence and memory development can be affected, and result in mental problems and disorders.

child abuse bulletEmotionally, they are unable to feel and express a full range of emotions appropriately, and to control their emotions. This is so because their emotional development has been badly compromised, and cannot feel things like normal people should.

child abuse bulletThere is a greater risk of developing one or more behavioural problems. These may include learning difficulties, relationships problems, difficulty with socialising, rebellious, aggressive and violent behaviour, criminality and even not bothered about your own self.

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