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Emotional child abuse prevention tips

These tips are usually directed to the abusers (adults), because no child, no matter what, deserves to be abused in any way, shape or form. Unfortunately, many abusers do not know or do not deliberately go out of they way to abuse a child. It happens largely out of broken self control. This is why families should look out for each other and help out when members are in difficulty.

Below are a few tips:

child abuse bulletSociety should invest in Public awareness of the issue and create supportive communities.
child abuse bulletA parent with stress and difficulty should seek assistance from the appropriate services.
child abuse bulletParents and care givers should undertake parenting skills courses to learn more on how to deal with growing children.
child abuse bulletFamilies must pay attention to the needs of children, and the larger family should get involved with the activities of children.
child abuse bulletParents that abuse drugs and alcohol should get help and stay away from such behaviors, so that their anger control is not impaired.

Tips for parents
child abuse bulletDo not be afraid to apologize to a child. If you lose your temper and say something in anger that wasn’t meant to be said, be quick to apologize. It can help restore confidence and trust.
child abuse bulletA child deserves respect. Avoid calling them discouraging names like "Hey Fatty-Lazy-Baby" or "You are the Black Sheep of the family" or "Good for nothing"
child abuse bulletDisciplinary actions should be targeted to a specific wrong behavior rather than to punish or humiliate him or her. Tell them why you gave "Time out" before and after the disciplinary action.
child abuse bulletPraise them and reward them for good behavior.
child abuse bulletAn old trick is to count 10 and breathe in and out 10 times anytime you face a very annoying situation involving a child. You can also walk away from a situation when you feel you are losing control. This can calm you down and help you to think again before acting. The result of this is usually very positive and effective.

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