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Forms of emotional child abuse?

Emotional abuse come in many forms including:

child abuse bulletRejection:
This includes bad name calling, constant criticisms, refusing the child's hug, refusing the child to participate in family and social activities, and making the child feel stupid and not needed.

child abuse bulletIgnoring:
This includes ignoring the child, no attention and care about her school and performance, no protection, no health or dental care, and generally not paying attention to significant events in child's life

child abuse bulletTerrorizing:
This includes yelling, cursing, scaring, using extremely harsh words, threats to send her away, kill her pet, ridiculing a child in public and even forcing her to watch violent activities.

child abuse bulletIsolating:
This includes preventing the child from making and playing with friends, leaving him/her for long periods, and keeping her confined to read her books or do house chores.

child abuse bulletExploiting:
This involves manipulation of the child and assigning responsibility to her, with huge consequences. For example, in some villages, a child on a farm could be asked to do all the farm work, get the produce sold and prepare dinner for the family, with no rest or reward.

child abuse bulletCorruption:
This includes rewarding the child for doing wrong things like duping someone, or pick-pocketing, using a substance or performing a sexual activity. It also includes teaching them racism and to become bias towards someone's religion or ethnicity

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