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SIgns and symptoms of emotional child abuseWhat are the signs of emotional child abuse?

It is never easy to link the physical signs of an emotionally abused child to a direct cause of negative verbal and psychological treatment. Signs of emotional abuse in children and young people can manifest in many ways.

Below are a few.

Emotional Child Indicators:
child abuse bulletLow self-confidence/poor self-image, withdrawn and detached (difficulty forming relationships).
child abuse bulletUnable in trust/fearful, low empathy.
child abuse bulletAnxious and depressed.

child abuse bulletUninterested / low perseverance, delayed emotionally, socially and/or academically.
child abuse bulletFrightened for no obvious reasons, feelings of shame and guilt

You can also find that the child is
child abuse bulletalways crying.
child abuse bulletavoiding eye contact.
child abuse bulletsuffers from sleep, speech disorders and demonstrates compulsions, obsessions, phobias, hysterical outbursts.
child abuse bulletinappropriately aggressive, destructive or cruel to others and often says negative statements about himself/herself.
child abuse bulletdoes not participate in activities or experiences.

Older children may begin to use alcohol or abuse drugs. Some may also try to find comfort with strangers and end up illegal sex activities.

Care giver or parent (adult) Indicators
child abuse bulletTreat children from the same family differently.
child abuse bulletFinds nothing good or positive in the child.
child abuse bulletBlames child for everything, and belittles the child.
child abuse bulletIs cold and rejecting and not easily approachable.
child abuse bulletWithholds love.
child abuse bulletNot bothered much about the child’s problems

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