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Causes of Child Neglect

Child neglect, like the other forms of abuse, is one that is not easy to notice, until at a later stage, where the damage is already done.

Children may be neglected for a number of reasons:

child abuse bulletThey come from disadvantaged backgrounds, although most children from such backgrounds are well-cared-for.

child abuse bulletA child in care or seeking asylum is also vulnerable to neglect.

child abuse bulletAdults who simply do not understand the needs of their children. Some adults never had any good care as children, and have grown to think that it is acceptable.

child abuse bulletMental health problems, domestic abuse, and drug or alcohol misuse, may also affect a parent’s ability to meet their children's needs.

child abuse bulletSome marriages are fraught with problems and is the source of hostility and fights. Caregivers from such marriages are more likely to take their problems out on their children in the form of neglect than those who are in good marriages.

child abuse bulletAdults in dire financial circumstances may direct the shame, guilt and perceived failure towards people around them, including children. They can even blame children for their situations and consequently, shun their responsibilities to them.

Types of Child Neglect

To better understand the causes of neglect, learning about the various types of child neglect can help. These the following:

child neglect typesInadequate supervision:
If a parent or caregiver leaves a child with other people not qualified or responsible enough to care for them, it is neglect. It also involves inadequate supervision for the child as they watch TV, use the internet, or play in a place that is known to be an unsafe neighborhood. Exposure to hazardous tools, materials, weapons and the like are all considered as neglect.

child neglect typesEmotional neglect:
This involves the lack of, or inadequate affection and attention for the child. It also includes frequent exposure of the child to spouse abuse and domestic violence, and denying the kid to enjoy childhood, playing and having fun with other kids, or other people outside the home.

child neglect typesPhysical neglect:
Some of the scenarios with physical neglect may be the disregard for appropriate clothing and nutrition for the child. It also includes abandonment, expulsion, constantly giving others custody of the child just to have your own convenience.

child neglect typesMedical neglect:
Failure to get competent medical attention, for illnesses, injuries or any form of impairment may be called medical neglect. Delay in getting medical attention is also neglect.

child neglect typesEducational neglect:
This includes allowing truancy, not showing adequate inters in a child’s educational progress, not providing special assistance to children with special needs.

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