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Tips to help prevent child neglect.

From what we have learned, the types and causes of child neglect are complex and preventive policies and actions must be developed to cater for lager issue. Communities must be addressed, families and individuals must all have their share of preventive programs. Here is How.

how to prevent child neglectGovernment and community Support
Societies and communities must be empowered and strengthened to deal with its individuals and family units. Jobs, assistance programs, housing, food, medical and other social amenities must be developed to cater for the poorer in the community.

Child Protection Staff must be equipped, trained to visit homes and communities that are succeptible to neglect, and must have the resources to engage and care for families that are in need.

Regular awareness for families and individuals on parenting, family planning, available support systems and other educative programs must be organized and participation encouraged. If members of the community are educated of the effects of drugs and other anti-social behaviors, they are less likely to indulge in behaviors that put them and their children at risk.

how to prevent child neglectFamily Systems
Strong communities are built on strong families and individuals. It is therefore important that communities encourage families to function as support and care units. Families must ensure that other members are sound and their needs are being met.

Family members with low income and skills must be identified and empowered.

Diversity and differences must be accepted and included. Families must be encouraged to stand in and provide care, in cases where the care-giver is unable to. Sound family members must reach out to needy members, and from friendships with them. This way it is easier for them to accept help and support.

how to prevent child neglectSchools
Teachers and community leaders must be vigilant to spot children with signs of neglect. In many cases, they would be mild neglect, and help can be given to prevent those cases from developing into severe neglect.

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