Neglect abuse facts and tips for kids
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Be bold, don't wait. Call for help!

Do you know if your friend is having difficulty with reporting an abuse? Do you think you have been sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected? Are you uncomfortable with a particular adults treatment to you? Don't wait. Be bold.

child abuse bulletBelieve what the child is saying
child abuse bulletRespond with care and urgency
child abuse bulletBe supportive, caring and calm
child abuse bulletFace the problem
child abuse bulletGet help. Speak to the childs doctor immediately. Report to police or child protection agencies

child abuse bulletBe calm.
child abuse bullet Inform your parent, teacher or support person. Tell them everything.
child abuse bulletKnow that they cannot harm you anymore than they have already, even if they threatened to harm you if you told anyone.

Did you know:
Research consistently reflects an increased likelihood that children who have experienced abuse or neglect will smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or take illicit drugs during their lifetime. In fact, male children with an ACE Score of 6 or more (having six or more adverse childhood experiences) had an increased likelihood—of more than 4,000 percent—to use intravenous drugs later in life (Felitti & Anda, 2009).