Neglect abuse facts and tips for kids
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Some common signs of child neglect include...

Child neglectNote that the signs discussed below are only hints that can suggest that children are being neglected. Until an investigation is done and a conclusion is made, it is not easy to claim neglect by just these signs.

Usually, teachers or doctors can spot these signs because they get closer to the children than other adults in the community.

It is important to report any suspicion of neglect, because it an early investigation can help avoid further harm to the child. It can also help the parent to access the support they need.

Child behavior indicators

child abuse bulletA prolonged dental problem, skin or illness that is not being taken care of (or appears to be ignored)

child abuse bulletThe child’s progress in school is declining, or show a sudden change in behavior.

child abuse bulletA repeatedly poorly dressed child, unkempt children and kids with constantly smelly clothes, body and mouth, can also indicate that there are problems at home.

child abuse bulletThe child looks uninterested, withdrawn, unusually quiet, fearful and overly compliant. Lacks confidence and unhappy.

child abuse bulletChild is not regular at school, or regularly late, or parent is always late to collect the child. Parents may alway give the teacher excuses for the child's irregularity.

Parent or care-giver behaviors

child abuse bulletCaregivers leave children alone for very long periods, with little or no protection/supervision from danger and adversity.

child abuse bulletAdults with mental health problems, substance abusers, alcoholics and adults who are always involved with violent behavior can also be tell-tale signs that their kids are being neglected.

child abuse bulletA child taking on the role of parent of other family members, in the absence of a parent, is also another sign.

child abuse bulletParent is always complaining, accusing and blaming the child, or parent sees no good in the child.

child abuse bulletParent is heavily dependent on the child for their own comfort, satisfaction and attention. For example, they make the child bathe, brush their teeth and take care of their own cleanness, just because they want to sit and watch a show on TV, or chatting on the phone with their friends. The do not see the child’s need as important.

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