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What are the causes of physical child abuse?

child abusersThere are many reasons why children, caregivers and other adults abuse children. If physical abuse is directed to a person by their peers, it will amount to bullying (see lesson on bullying here). On the other hand, if it comes from an adult to a child, it could be a result of any of the following:


child abuse bulletAs a form of punishment or disciplinary action
Some adults see pain directed to people as an effective compliance method, and are quick to inflict pain to kids to get them to comply.

child abuse bulletLack of parenting support and skills
Many parents and caregivers do not fully appreciate that kids are in their learning years and are bound to make mistakes. They are quick to lash out abuse to kids instead of applying other non-abusive corrective methods.

child abuse bulletHistory of child abuse
Some abusive behaviours are a result of what they experienced as kids themselves. This makes them think that it is the right and only way of doing things.

child abuse bulletMental illness
Some people may be mentally unwell even though they look like any other person and may be involved with abusive behaviour towards kids without realising what they are doing. In many countries (example USA) people have been extremely violent and even killed innocent people because they were mentally unstable when they acted that way.

child abuse bulletDomestic violence
Sometimes violence between adults at home can spill over to the kids. An angry dad may direct his anger to kids for no reason.

child abuse bulletSubstance abuse
Alcohol and other substances can make people loose self-control and may be involved with abusive behaviour that they would usually not do.
(see lesson on drug abuse)

In some cases, the condition and position of kids also make them vulnerable to abusive behavior directed to them by others. A few are...
child abuse bulletChildren with special needs
child abuse bulletChilds personality does not fit that of care giver
child abuse bulletRebelling child
child abuse bulletChild from an unwanted pregnancy

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