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Child physical abuse prevention tips.

Child abuse can largely be prevented. This is through awareness, then early detection and intervention. Leaning about the problem, like you are doing, is the first step to preventing child physical abuse.
This will help you to recognize inappropriate behaviors, and to report possible abuse to your parents, teachers or church leaders.
Generally, child abuse prevention activities are geared towards the abusers. This is because, the kids usually do nothing bad to attract abuse. Below are a few things society and adults can do:

child abuse bulletA parent with stress and difficulty should seek assistance from the appropriate services.
child abuse bulletParents and care takers should undertake parenting skills courses to learn more on how to deal with growing children.
child abuse bulletFamilies must pay attention to the needs of children, and the larger family should get involved with the activities of children
child abuse bulletSociety should invest in Public awareness & create supportive communities.
child abuse bulletParents that abuse drugs and alcohol should get help and stay away from such behaviors, so that their anger control is not impaired.

Tips for older children (teens)
As you go through puberty and grow older, you will find that many of your ideas will conflict with your family views. This can bring conflict among the members of the family.
child abuse bulletTry to stay clam and respectful towards grown ups at home and other places. Remember you get love and respect by giving showing love and giving respect.
child abuse bulletEnsure that you form strong connections with other family members and trusted adults (like your doctor, teacher, school nurse etc.) Keep their telephone numbers in a safe place or even in your school desk. This way you can call and get help when you face abuse at home.
child abuse bulletDo not accept abuse for any reason. As soon as you think an adults attitude has changed negatively, keep your eyes open and be careful with that adult. Try not to do anything to provoke them. Remember, better safe than sorry.

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