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All over the world, 2 out of every 10 girls, and 1 out of every 10 boys have sexually been abused as children.
But these are only for reported cases. The bulk of all child sexual abuse are kept secret. This is very worrying.

Notes A pedophile is a person 16years and older, with strong (often mental) liking for sexual activities and talks with kids.

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What is child sexual abuse?

This involves a person, usually an adult or older adolescent's deliberate exposure of a child to sexual activity, usually for his /her own sexual gratification.

These include if an adult:
child abuse bulletTalks to you about sex, or shows you sexual images or videos (pornography).
child abuse bulletAttempts to have sex with you, or has sex with you.
child abuse bulletTouches (fondles) with your genitals (breast, vagina, penis, butts) for his/her pleasure.
child abuse bulletAsks you to touch other persons genitals in a sexual way for his pleasure.
child abuse bulletPut your finger in someone's mouth, anus, vagina or other private parts.
child abuse bulletTakes photographs of you in a sexy pose or naked.
child abuse bulletDeliberately exposes an adult's genitals to a child.
child abuse bulletInappropriately watches a child undress or use the bathroom.

If you notice that any person is getting you into the above, you need to speak to someone you trust about it immediately.
what is child sexual abuse
Unfortunately, sometimes these acts are committed by people you trust. Remember there are bad people who are in places of trust. Your mum or dad, teacher, pastor or your best friend's dad can sexually abuse you, even though they are trusted people.

If this happens, you need to have the courage to speak to another trusted person. This is very important, because it can have life-long consequences on you.

Most offenders who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. Usually kids affected are between the ages of newborns up to 18 years. The term for this group of people is 'Minors'.

Sometimes, teenagers don't want to be called minors (or kids), but they are not mature enough to deal with the consequences of sex. The law therefore states that children cannot consent to sex activities. This means that even if a minor says yes to an adult to engage in any sexual activity, the law will be applied to the adult, and will be sent to jail.

In this lesson, we will look at some very important things about child sexual abuse, and some really cool ways to stay safe, and what you can do if you suspect you are being abused, or have actually been abused.

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