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What is grooming in child abuse

This involves aabuseroffender deliberately befriending a child (including young adults) over a period of time with the intention of taking advantage of themoffender.

This process can take between 3 weeks and 8 months, depending on the objectives of the offender and the response of the child. Sometimes, the offender may even be in a different country, but may do anything to get the victim (child) into a physical meeting, or connect the child to other offenders in the gang.

Oneabuseroffender can connect to more than 200 children (including teens and young adults), who will be in different stages of the grooming process.

internet child groomers

Grooming stages:

child abuse bulletTarget the (victim) child.
The offender looks for vulnerable children. These may be kids from broken, poor or needy homes, children with low self-esteem, children with emotional needs, etc. Offenders can tell by looking at your behavior, or by what you post on your social media pages.

child abuse bulletGain the child’s trust.
The offender, carefully studies your needs often offers solutions to them. They will offer ‘great advice’ and behave like they really care about you. This way, the victim sees the offender as a trusted friend.

child abuse bulletFill in the needs of the victim.
Theabuseroffender gives gifts, care, attention and other things that the child needs. The child therefore begins to see the offender as a concerned person. He becomes a very important person in the child’s life.

child abuse bulletIsolation.
At this time, the offender uses the special relationship to get the child into isolated places. This can be his office, home, park and quiet places where they can share some time together, all in the plan of getting the child to feel very comfortable and cared for. At this stage, even some parents see nothing wrong, because the offender has showed the child (and sometimes parents) so much care, and cannot see that there is danger looming.

child abuse bulletAbused!
Theabuseroffender at this stage knows the child very well, and knows what the child’soffenderweakness and interests are. The offender easily gets the victim into a situation where they are offenderconnected. The offender abuses the child at this time, because the child’s natural curiosity is destroyed.

child abuse bulletControl.
This is the hardest part for the child. After the abuse, the offender may use threats or blame to silence the child and keep the child in continued abuse. The offender may also use more gifts and favors to keep the relationship going. Most offenderabused children see the mess they are in, but are too afraid, confused and hurt to make any intelligent decision. They are usually in complete captivity to the offender.

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