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What is energy. Explain Energy
What is Kinetic Energymechanical energy and kinetic energy
What is sound energy?
What is Thermal or Heat Energy?
What is Chemical Energy?
What is Electrical Energy?
What is Gravitational Energy?Radiant energy from electromagnetic waves
What is Energy Stored Transferred and Dissipation
Short quiz on energy

Types of landformsSimple machines for 4th grade
Wins Forces Energy Genetics reproduction Ecosystems
Photosynthesis in green plants
Seperation of mixtures
The three Phases of matter
What is genetics
How do winds form
The hydrolic cycleThe rock cycleHow do clouds form


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Non-renewable Energy, please select an option below:

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What is energy?

Look around you. Is anything moving?
Can you hear, see or feel anything? Sure... this is because something is making something happen, and most probably, there is some power at work. This power or ability to make things happen is what we can call energy. It makes things happen. It makes change possible.                        

Look at the sketch below to see an example of things working, moving, or happening... with energy.

Energy in action

Energy moves cars along the roads and makes aeroplanes fly. It plays our music on the radio, heats our rooms and lights our homes. Energy is needed for our bodies, together with plants to grow and move about.

Scientists define ENERGY as the ability to do work.
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

With the above explanation in mind, let us learn more.

Energy can be (is) stored or transferred from place to place, or object to object in different ways. There are various kinds of energy.
Let's start by looking at kinetic energy.

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