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Kinetic Energy in use.

A hydro-electric power dam uses the concept of kinetic energy in fast flowing water to produce electricity.
Take a look at how a basic hydro-electric power dam is set up in the diagram below.

How can kinetic energy be harnessed

1. Water from a stream or river is held up (blocked) by the sluice gate. Holding up more water increases
potential energy and gravitational energy.

2. The gates are then opened. Water rushes down through the gate and into the tubes. There is immense
kinetic energy in the very fast flowing water because of the high pressure it has.

3. Kinetic energy in the fast flowing water turns shafts (blades) connected to the end of the tubes.
More fast flowing water means more blades can be turned even faster.

4. The spinning blades or shafts are connected to a generator which generates the electricity.
The generator is connected to a transformer which supplies our homes with electricity.

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