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What is energy. Explain Energy
What is Kinetic Energymechanical energy and kinetic energy
What is sound energy?
What is Thermal or Heat Energy?
What is Chemical Energy?
What is Electrical Energy?
What is Gravitational Energy?Radiant energy from electromagnetic waves
What is Energy Stored Transferred and Dissipation
Short quiz on energy

Wins Forces Energy Genetics reproduction Ecosystems
Types of landformsSimple machines for 4th grade

Photosynthesis in green plants
Seperation of mixtures
The three Phases of matter
What is genetics
How do winds form
The hydrolic cycleHow do clouds formThe rock cycle


kinds of energy

Electrical energy

Matter is made up of atoms. In these atoms, there are some even small stuff called electrons that are constantly moving. The movement of these electrons depends on how much energy it has. This means every object has potential energy, even though some have more than others.

Humans can force these moving electrons along a path from one place to the other. There are special mediums (materials) called conductors, that carry this energy. Some materials cannot carry energy in this form, and they are called insulators. We generate electrical energy whey we succeed in causing these electrons to move from one atom to the other, with the use of magnetic forces.

electrical energy

Once we harness electrical energy, it can be used for work or stored.

How does an electric current work?
A battery transfers stored chemical energy as charged particles called electrons, typically moving through a wire. For example, electrical energy is transferred to the surroundings by the lamp as light energy and thermal (heat) energy.

Lightning is one good example of electrical energy in nature, so powerful that it is not confined to a wire. Thunderclouds build up large amounts of electrical energy. This is called static electricity. They are released during lightning when the clouds strike against each other.

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