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what is obesity
What can cause obesity
Problems caused by obesity
Understanding FatWhat is a low fat food
How to avoid obesity
What to eat
Helping your friend
Truths and myths about obesity
Help yourself

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A jam doughnut contains 10.9g fat.

A tablespoon of peanut butter contains 10g fat

A pint of whole milk contains 22.8 g fat

A handful of mixed nuts contains 21.6g fat

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There are many people who claim there are medicines that can make you thin. Others claim there foods that are diet foods.
Always remember that the greatest solution to controlling obesity is self -motivation, eating healthy and in smaller amounts and doing lots of exercises and physical activities.

No medicine will help if your basic eating habit is not changed. Be strong and do it yourself, and let people see that you are capable of achieving great things too.

So… this is it. Ask your friends to come and learn with us on how we can control our body fats, stay healthy and help others.


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