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Monitoring air quality

Many cities in the world, have invested in air quality monitoring systems that continuously measure the
amount of pollutants in the air, as well as the safety of air in a given area.

Monitor air pollution

These monitoring systems and stations may use automatic instruments or manual means. It basically
involves drawing air through various tubes with analyzers attached, all connected to a data center, where
the readings are logged. In an event of rising air pollutants, signals are sent to experts. The experts
examine and analyse the data and action is taken by the appropriate authorities to control the situation.

Did you know:
The air in many cities in Canada (such as Ottawa Central, NorthBay and Brampton) are monitored?
Take a look at the Current Air Quality Index Readings for Ontario here

Some of these monitors are:
- Single Channel 16.7l/m (PM2.5 and PM10) monitors
- Dichotomous (Coarse and Fine PM) monitors
- Speciation monitors
- Volatile Organic Compound monitors (VOCs)
- PAH monitors
- Passive samplers

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